The Alan Cornish Theatre

On Friday 22nd April 2016, a ceremony was held to rename The Oakwood Centre’s Theatre in memory of Alan Cornish who died last year, who played a key role in the development of performing arts locally. He had been one of the founding members of Starmaker, a local theatre company for young people. 

The Alan Cornish Theatre has tiered seating for 100 people, which makes it the perfect room for formal audio-visual presentations and lectures. We also have a range of theatre productions produced by Woodley Theatre, Bezerk Productions and many more throughout the year. Your technician will find everything they need in our lighting box, to ensure your business function or production is produced to the highest standard.

Our theatre can be used for a variety of different events, come by for a tour to see how it would accommodate your next function or production.

See The Alan Cornish Theatre Terms & Conditions for more information.


                                Pic: Debbie and Daren Cornish with Alan Cornish's granddaughter, Mia

Theatre Productions

'Relatively Speaking' by Woodley Theatre

Greg has known Ginny for a month, and has decided she’s the one! When Ginny informs him she’s going to visit her parents, Greg sees this as the perfect opportunity to ask her father for his daughter’s hand. Will Greg get the answers he hopes for?

Date: Tuesday 20th-Saturday 24th January
Time: 7:45pm 
Ticket Price:  £10/£12
Box Office: 07939 210 121

'Want' by Berzerk Productions

What do young people want? This ground breaking one-act comedy is about growing up with the longing and bittersweet fear of the future.

Date: Wednesday 28th February- Friday 2nd March
Time: 7:45pm 
Ticket Price:  £6
Box Office:

'Yeoman Of The Guard' by Mostly G & S

A great Gilbert & Sullivan production about love, marriage and deception. 

Date: Thursday 22nd March - Saturday 24th March
Time: 7:45pm 
Ticket Price:  £10
Box Office: 01635 522750


We look forward to seeing you in our theatre.