Delivering your business seminar

business seminar oakwood centre


Practising your seminar in advance will ensure that it flows as it will be a more natural delivery having been practised several times before. This also helps avoid forgetting any content, which could be vital to the entire seminar, as well as alleviate any nerves.

Know your audience

Are you delivering a seminar to a room full of strangers or are they familiar to you or to each other? Know the background in advance so that you can deliver accordingly.

Engage their interest

Make the seminar as interactive as you can to keep your audience’s attention focused and engaged and not just like a lecture. Get them talking to each other or answering questions or performing role play demonstrations.


Visual aids are a great way to keep your audience engaged and make your seminar memorable as those visual aids will be synonymous with your content. Use colourful typography, videos, memes, music, posters around the room – all of these will be memorable and engaging and can also reinforce your brand.