Hosting a surprise party

So, you know someone who has a special birthday coming up and you want to surprise them with a spectacular party?

Here are some top tips to get you started.

Put yourself in their shoes

Firstly, what would they like? Would they even like a surprise party? Try to plan something that you know they will like. What are their favourite things from which to create a theme? Who would they like at their party? What is their favourite food? Would they like a dance floor? How can you make it perfectly personal?

The guest list

If you are, for example, planning a 60th birthday party, can you find any people from throughout their decades that you know they’d love to see. Perhaps an old university friend or their secondary school best buddy. Enlist the help of friends and family to track any of these people down – social media is really useful for this. Don’t forget to include all current friends and family and put a limit on numbers so you don’t end up with too many people to entertain and cater for.

The theme

Do they have a hobby or love their occupation? Are they obsessed with a musician, film or theatre production from which you can create your theme? Think colour! Decorations. Flowers. Balloons. Chair covers. Table covers. You could have paper masks of them or their favourites printed for guests to wear. This is your opportunity to really get creative and create a Wow factor.

Food glorious food!

Keep it simple so that all needs are catered for and opt for a buffet. Be sure to include vegan and vegetarian options and any other specific dietary requirements you may know about. Don’t forget to include the birthday person’s favourite foods too! You could always extend your theme to food and drink – a spectacularly decorated cake is always a show stopper!

Don’t forget to remind the guests to keep it a secret and create a ‘fake’ outing to make sure the birthday person is free and doesn’t suspect anything!