Host an offsite appraisal at the Oakwood Centre

An appraisal can be a formal or informal process through which an employee is able to discuss their training and development needs with their line manager or the company owner. 

Providing this communication gives the employee a better understanding of the needs of the company, while the manager and, ultimately the company, gets a better picture of the development needs and requirements of the employee.

Conducting an appraisal off-site provides a neutral environment where any company influences can be kept to a minimum. 

Both the employee and manager may feel this provides a better space in which to be more honest during the appraisal process. 

We have several rooms at the Oakwood Centre which provide a private and confidential space in which to conduct appraisals, with the added advantage of catering, if required, during the meeting without being overheard by the general public.

room layout oakwood centre