Wedding photo tips

Your list

Create a list of the photos you definitely want including formal and informal shots. Make sure you include all family members to avoid the embarrassment of realising after the event that they weren’t in any official photos. But do also make sure to include special photos you want to have together as a couple as these recorded memories are forever.


Where do you want your photos to be taken? While you’re getting ready? In the church? At the reception venue? Inside? Outside? Create a ‘wish list’ that your photographer can then advise on depending on the conditions.


Check with your venue if you need any official permission to take photos and if there are any off limit areas. Clients hosting a wedding reception at the Oakwood Centre benefit from both internal shots and beautiful shots in Woodford Park and around the lake.

Guest requests

Your guests are there because they matter to you so make sure to get them involved in your wedding photos. This may be asking them to take photos or, controversially, asking them not to so that the photography is left to your official photographer and guests are therefore in all shots actually enjoying themselves and being part of your special day.


Having your photos taken is super important as they are lasting memories, however, make sure to enjoy your special day too! Discuss a timeline with your photographer so that you get a chance to mingle with your guests and aren’t absent for large chunks of time having endless and repetitive photos taken.