Staying Covid 19 safe at the Oakwood Centre

face coverings at community centres

Due to new restrictions the Oakwood Centre will be closed from Thursday 5 November

In response to the UK government recommended guidelines during the Covid 19 pandemic, we have made the following changes to the Oakwood Centre and implemented new cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures.

Please read these carefully.

  • We have placed floor and wall markings where appropriate in order to maintain the recommended social distance rules in the rooms and communal areas.
  • We have provided additional hand sanitising stations throughout the building and in each room. These will be regularly inspected, cleaned and replenished. We recommend the continued and regular washing of hands. 
  • We have implemented a new guidance on the use of toilets in the Oakwood Centre. Access will be restricted to one person at a time, with new locks and vacant/engaged signage. Toilets will be regularly cleaned throughout the duration of the hire period. It is, however, the responsibility of the hirer and guests to adhere to this and maintain the recommended social distance. 
  • We have marked out rooms and set tables and chairs to comply with social distancing rules and comply with the maximum occupancy levels. Please do not move the furniture or bring more than the agreed and allowed number of people. 
  • To comply with the social distancing rules, we will have less bookings in the Oakwood Centre at any one time. We will implement a staggered arrival and departure system with the hirer to reduce overcrowding in the reception area, including queuing systems outside of the building. 
  • Hirers and participants are not allowed to bring in any refreshments to the building and instead will be required to pre-book any drinks or food, which will be provided by our onsite caterers Brown Bag. Waste and/or recycling bins will be provided. Strict hygiene and social distancing will be maintained at all times. 
  • To avoid the risk of transmission during meetings, we recommend, for example, not to share any equipment and to open doors and windows for the circulation of fresh air. 
  • Face coverings are a mandatory requirement in community centres and therefore please wear one in all public areas of the Centre.
  • In an emergency situation, such as an accident or fire, the UK government has stated that social distancing does not have to be maintained if it is not safe to do so. We have a separate accident and emergency policy that will be provided to all hirers. 

This page will be updated as new guidance is issued. Further information can also be found at our parent company, Woodley Town Council’s website: